Discover A Summer Full Of Color

Sign Up For A Summer Full Of Field Trips, Fun, And New Friendships

Discover A Summer Full Of Color

Discover A Summer
Full Of Color

Sign Up For A Summer Full Of Field Trips, Fun, And New Friendships

Summer Camp | 5 - 10 Years | Serving Houston, TX

Social Skill-Building Is Part Of The Experience

Children prepare for life by using approaches like Conscious Discipline©, Love and Logic®, Non-Violent Communication©, and Redirection that help them feel confident and empowered in social circles. They learn respect, empathy, and how to interact with others the right way.

Fun Field Trips That Keep The Excitement Going

Your little camper enjoys exciting field trips that let them discover, learn and play in new environments. They get to swim at the community center and more as they enjoy a summer of enjoyment with friends.

See How Your Child’s Day Is Going With Pictures And Videos Through The Tadpoles© App!

Keep Them Learning During Their School Break

The learning doesn’t stop for the summer! Your child combines fun and learning in a way that prepares them for their next academic school year. Culinary lessons, sports, volunteering, and fun activities keep their minds sharp and ready.
Keep Them Learning During Their School Break

Fun Outdoor Play That Keeps Them Active Daily

Your child has outside time each day to run, jump, and slide with their friends. They take in some sun and explore the nature that’s at their fingertips. They maintain physical activity, learn, and use their imagination!

Delicious Meals and Snacks Included In Tuition

Meals and snacks are a part of tuition and come standard in your child’s day. They cater to your child’s sensitivities, are nut-free, and keep them fueled as they conquer, learn and play. They get to munch and enjoy their food with friends!

Expert Teachers Help Build Up Their Minds

Expert Teachers Help Build Up Their Minds

Teachers are ready to keep your child’s learning going throughout the summer. Activities and lessons across essential subject areas strengthen their knowledge and help them feel confident moving into their next school year.

Multi-Cultural Events Introduces The World

Students learn about the big world they live in through themed activities each week. Multi-cultural events and activities help them learn and connect with others in an exciting way through different cultures and traditions.
Multi-Cultural Events Introduces The World

Fun Activities With Friends Create Lasting Memories

Your child has a fun-filled summer of exciting field trips that spark their imagination, sports that teach them team-building and leadership, and swimming that keeps them cool. They create unforgettable moments with their friends that they hold on to.

Choose Confidently With Our HAPPY FAMILY GUARANTEE


We are open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
We are a uniformed school (for 2 years and older).
Yes, we believe that, as a parent, you should connect with us if and when you need to. We have an open-door policy so that you feel welcome at all times.
We are a paper-free school and are happy to receive parent emails and text messages. Each Class has an IPads for “Tadpoles” daily reports, pictures, videos, parent notes, and more. There is a constant two-way communication channel between you and your child’s teacher, so you don’t miss a beat.
Yes, there is age-appropriate use of technology, such as tablets, when children are developmentally ready. Digital literacy is one of the 21st Century skills that help prepare students for school and life.
For your convenience, we have a “Kiss and Drive” lane for ease of drop-off and pick-up. You can also call ahead, and we will bring your child to the car Valet Parking.

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