Creating Baby Geniuses

Through Personalized, Development-Focused Care, Self-Expression, & Pre-Reading Skills

Creating Baby Geniuses

Through Personalized, Development-Focused Care, Self-Expression, & Pre-Reading Skills

Infant Cottage | 6 Wks - 18 Months | Serving Houston, TX

Age-Appropriate Skills For Lifelong Learning

Texas School-Ready Certification means your baby has the best academic start possible. Your infant’s caregivers understand how early childhood development works, so they focus on specific competencies and skills to make the most of your little one’s learning early on.   

Infant-Appropriate Skills Prepare Your Baby For Lifelong Learning

The Areas Of Focus Are:

Physical Health & Motor Development

Increase your child's physical routine & develop essential motor skills through rigorous activities that keep them in good health and their energy up.

Social & Emotional Development

Your child practices concepts like showing empathy, modeling respect, and processing their feelings and emotions as they mature.

Language & Communication Development

Pre-literacy, pre-writing, & more jumpstart your child's ability to read, write, effectively communicate, & excel in school.

Cognitive Development

Teachers prepare your child for a successful academic journey by using the resources & instruction necessary to advance their education confidently.

Physical Health and Motor Development

Social and Emotional Development

Language and Communication Development

Cognitive Development

Early Literacy Resources Build Little Readers

Pre-Reading Resources For Early Literacy Skills

Teachers introduce your baby to early literacy to give them a headstart in reading. Your child has continued access to resources and support to gain the skills necessary to read by the time they graduate from preschool and head off to Kindergarten. 



Special Curriculums Build An Early Learning Foundation

Teachers guide your baby using a combination of curricula like Conscious Discipline©️, Frog Street©️, Footsteps2Brilliance®️, and Prelude 2 Music to introduce them to various subject areas and skills that prepare them to excel academically.

Your Baby Fees Safe In Their Calm Environment

Your little one feels right at home with a quiet, serene, and calm atmosphere that lets them know they’re in good hands. They play, learn, and develop in a space that keeps them comfortable and makes them feel safe.

Personalized Care For A One-On-One Experience

Your infant receives personalized and attentive care through a schedule unique to their personality, progress, needs, and nutritional guidelines. Your baby is one of a kind, and they deserve high-quality care that caters to them. 

Never Miss A Magic Moment With The Tadpoles© App!

Check In Anytime With The Parent Communication App

Your child’s teachers use the Tadpoles© app to communicate with you and keep you updated on your child’s progress and development. Never miss a milestone with pictures, videos, notes, daily reports, and more!  

A Strong Parent-Child Bond Helps With School Success

Healthy parent-child partnerships ensure the best possible outcome for your baby’s care and development. The Parent Engagement Coordinator is available to help your family transition from home to childcare, which is proven to increase their future success in school.

Strengthen The Parent-Child Relationship For Lasting Success
A Serene Environment That Keeps Your Baby Calm

Tenured Teachers Help Your Little One Thrive

Your baby’s teachers are full of experience and loyalty to the center. Most teachers have a tenure of anywhere between 5 – 16 years and a Child Development Associate® degree to help your little bundle of joy meet all their developmental needs. 

Jumpstart Communication With Daily Baby Signing

Your baby learns to communicate right off the hop by using baby signing. When they have the tools to share their feelings and needs effectively, your little one quickly catches on to self-expression and builds a strong foundation for learning.

Jumpstart Communication With Daily Baby Signing
Cameras And Fingerprint Access Provide Extra Security

Strict Safety Measures For Your Peace Of Mind

Monitored security cameras inside and outside the school and the Procare© System that allows for convenient and thorough fingerprint check-in and check-out mean you always have peace of mind regarding your baby’s safety.

Protect Good Health With Onsite Cleaning

Never worry about your baby’s health with an onsite housekeeper and overnight cleaning staff dedicated to sanitizing everything your baby touches — and even the things they don’t. Their toys and learning materials stay germ and virus-free for continuous, healthy learning.

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We are open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
We are a uniformed school (for 2 years and older).

Yes, you’re welcome and encouraged to connect with us if, and anytime you need to.

We are a paper-free school and are happy to receive parent emails and text messages. Each class has an IPad for Tadpoles© daily reports, pictures, videos, parent notes, and more. There is a constant two-way communication channel between you and your child’s teacher, so you never miss a beat.

Yes, when children are developmentally ready, they use age-appropriate technology, such as tablets. Digital literacy is one of the 21st century skills that help prepare your little student for school and life.

We have a “Kiss and Drive” lane for easy drop-offs and pick-ups. You can also call ahead, and we’ll safely bring your child out to your car!

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